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Allerhand Limited

Allerhand's Messenger Bag - the perfect unisex bag with max. storage & plenty of pockets for baby bottles, food, diapers, clothing and daily essentials. It comes with a detachable insulated bottle holder, clip pocket for pacifier/coins/small toys, a detachable changing mat, first aid pouch and a zip wet pouch.

Allerhand's Carry-On Bag - this signature bag combines your lifestyle and keeping all that you need within easy reach. This practical bag has 2 compartments separating bottles & food from clothing, nappies, changing mat, keys etc. It comes with a detachable insulated bottle holder and clip pocket for pacifier/coins.

Allerhand's Buggy Bag - The perfect camouflage bag for everything that has to roll with you. The buggy bag has loads of pockets for diapers, clothing, wet wipes, bottles, keys, mobile phone etc. Four adjustable Velcro straps secure the bag onto any type of buggy or pram.

Phone: +852 25 45 26 45
Fax: +852 21 04 93 76
Address: 2401-02 Wai Wah Commercial Ctr, 6 Wilmer Street, Hong Kong

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