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The Orbimat-C range of computerised welding Power Supplies are compact in design and have an in-built invertor, computer and water cooling system. They are very easy to use and include a true logic weld parameter development system which will auto-calculate welding parameters. They monitor the welding parameters 500 times per second which produces true data log files to give exact parameter deviations to 2 decimal places.

Full colour screens and easy to use function menus make these the easiest to use yet most advanced power supplies in the world! The enclosed ORBIWELD weld heads are robust but yet extremely compact in design and construction. The precise fine mechanics inside the weld head assures a constant free of play, smooth drive. Operating is made easier with the switch assembly that is integrated into the handgrip that now eliminates the use of extra remote control units. The quick-change collet system, exclusively to the Orbimatic range, has put a stop to the troublesome exchanging of collets with tools and screws. The ORBIWELD TP Open Arc weld head range uses a unique design concept to produce a very compact weld head which is much more compact than any other weld heads available. The range is available for use with or without an additional wire feed unit and includes the switch assembly which allows basic functions to be controlled without the need for an additional remote control unit. This range is very easy to handle and with an easy to adjust clamping system it allows each head to be used for a wide range of diameters.

Our Tube to Tube Sheet weld heads are supplied with a 3 point distance device which is adjustable to allow them to be used with any tube sheet configuration. In addition they can be used on tube sheets with flush or recessed tubes.

Phone: +49 64 08 90 26-0
Fax: +49 64 08 90 26-50
Address: Floesserweg 17, 35418 Buseck, Germany

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