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Allcare Insurance Ltd

Allcare Insurance Ltd

Allcare Building, University Roundabout,
Msida MSD 1751

Phone: 21330011
Fax: 21347947


Classes of Insurance Business:
(I - Insurance, R - Reinsurance)

Class 1 Accident(I), Class 2 Sickness(I), Class 3 Land vehicles(I), Class 4 Railway rolling stock(I), Class 6 Ships(I), Class 7 Goods in transit(I), Class 8 Fire and natural forces(I), Class 9 Other damage to property(I), Class 10 Motor vehicle liability(I), Class 12 Liability for ships(I), Class 13 General Liability(I), Class 16 Miscellaneous financial loss(I), Class 17 Legal expenses(I), Class 18 Assistance(I)

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