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Cristal Metals Inc.

Cristal Metals Inc.
940 S. Frontage Road, Suite 2000
Woodridge, IL 60517
Telephone: 815-834-2112
Fax: 630-324-4808
Email rene.cooper@cristalmetals.com
URL www.cristalmetals.com
Products/ Services Powders: Titanium powder, titanium alloy powders

International Titanium Powder (ITP) was formed in 1997 to develop and commercialize Armstrong Process™ patented and proprietary technology to produce high-purity metal and alloy powders with specific emphasis on titanium. In 2008, ITP was acquired by Cristal US, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Cristal Global). Cristal Global has extensive experience in the titanium dioxide market and over 30 years experience in the supply of titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) to titanium sponge producers. Together, ITP and Cristal Global are bringing the science of chemistry to traditional metallurgical processes.

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