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F. W. Winter Inc. & Co.

F. W. Winter Inc. & Co.
Delaware Ave & Elm Street
Camden, NJ 08102
Telephone: 856-963-7490
Fax: 856-963-7463
Email sales@fwwinter.com
URL www.fwwinter.com
Products/ Services Powders:Various grades of metals and alloys.
Product sizes from less than 2 inch (0.5 mm) to less than 10 micron. Custom processing of customer-supplied material.

Granular Powders - PM Powders: Ferro-phosphorous, chromium, ferro-molybdenum, ferro-titanium-boron, ferro-boron, chromium carbide, high-carbon ferro-chromium, ferro-tungsten etc.

Other Powders: Low-carbon ferro-chromium, boron carbide, ferro-aluminum, ferro-niobium, ferro-silicon-ziconium, ferro-vanadium, magnesium, aluminum, and many more.

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Various crushing, grinding, sizing and classification equipment

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