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With the new patented "Similar" mechanism, Sedus is once again setting standards for the office furniture industry by launching the swivel chair "crossline". It is based on the very latest findings by the Sedus ergonomics experts, who have been developing improved coordinated movements adapted to meet human needs since the foundation of the company in 1871.

With "temptation", Sedus is introducing a basic table range to the market which combines innovative design with intelligent technology and solid value for money. The elegant, external cross-rail frame is a particularly distinct design element. It allows the use of thinner, finer worktops, which are available in all the surfaces in the Sedus collection.

Phone: +49 7751 84 35 1
Fax: +49 7751 84 33 5
Address: Br??ckenstr. 15, 79761 Waldshut, Germany

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